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Technical Seminar on Waste Water Recycling & Reuse


On 14th February 2023, Chemical Kinetics organized a technical seminar in collaboration with DuPont on the topic of “Waste Water Recycling & Reuse” at Eiffel Hall, Ramada Plaza (Airport) Karachi. The seminar aimed to educate participants on the latest technologies available for waste water recycling and reuse. The seminar consisted of presentations by Mr. Dmitry, Regional Commercial Manager at DuPont for EMEA region, and other technical experts from Germany and UAE.

Topic 1:

Waste Water Recycling Technologies

The first topic covered in the seminar was waste water recycling technologies, including ultrafiltration using PES and PVDF, MBR (membrane bioreactor) and MABR (membrane aerated biofilm reactor). The presentation emphasized the importance of waste water recycling as a sustainable solution to the global water crisis. The use of ultrafiltration membranes in waste water treatment was discussed in detail, highlighting their ability to remove suspended solids, bacteria, and viruses from waste water. MBR and MABR were also discussed as advanced technologies for waste water treatment, with MABR being particularly suitable for decentralized treatment of wastewater.

Topic 2:

Fortilife Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology

The second topic covered in the seminar was Fortilife reverse osmosis membrane technology, which is specifically designed for use in waste water recycling units. The presentation explained how this technology can reduce operating costs and energy consumption while providing high-quality water suitable for reuse in various industries. The Fortilife RO membranes were also compared to traditional RO membranes, highlighting their superior performance and durability.

Topic 3:

Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) Technology

The final topic covered in the seminar was Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) technology, which is used to reduce the amount of wastewater generated by industrial processes. The presentation explained how MLD technology works and its benefits, including reduced water consumption, lower disposal costs, and compliance with environmental regulations. The importance of incorporating MLD technology into industrial processes was emphasized, as it can help companies achieve their sustainability goals while also reducing their environmental impact.


The technical seminar on Waste Water Recycling & Reuse organized by Chemical Kinetics in collaboration with DuPont provided valuable insights into the latest technologies available for waste water treatment. The presentations covered a range of topics, including ultrafiltration, MBR and MABR, Fortilife RO membranes, and MLD technology. The seminar highlighted the importance of waste water recycling and reuse as a sustainable solution to the global water crisis, and provided participants with practical information on how to implement these technologies in their respective industries.

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